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Men’s Blue Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Men’s White Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Women’s Red Blouse with Red Dots on Trim

Women’s Black Blouse with Red Dots

Men’s Blue Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Men’s White Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt

Women’s Peppercorn Black Long Sleeve Blouse

Women’s White Long Sleeve Blouse

Smart Adaptive Masks!

Millions struggle every day

with the (not so) simple task of getting dressed. We want to change that. Smart Adaptive Clothing

How It Works

Here’s to the caregivers, supporters, overcomers and all who love them. You inspire us every. single. day.

“My dad felt amazing in this shirt. Said it felt like when he would have important business meetings. Made him feel good — connected to his old self.”

~ Tanya

“My husband looked and felt amazing– (these shirts are) well made and easy to use. Thank you so much for making this shirt. It’s nice for Paul to be able to feel like himself again.”

~ Patricia, Paul’s wife

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Smart Adaptive Blog – Nancy’s Story

Nancy considers this day one of her “birthdays” as it’s the date she had the surgery that would correct a very serious spinal curvature. This surgery had been scheduled after the meeting in which her doctor said, “If you don’t have the surgery, this will be fatal.” The words rang in her ears—and though scary, she somehow knew that she would be fine. Her 12-year old ever-optimistic self-responded, “OK. Let’s go!”

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